PGM Awards #FMGUK & Anon scoop wins

PGM Awards #FMGUK & Anon scoop wins

PGM Awards #FMGUK & Anon scoop wins


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PGM Awards #FMGUK & Anon scoop wins

PGM Awards #FMGUK & Anon scoop wins
FeedEm Music Group at the PGM Awards

Praisetek Gospel Music Awards (PGMA) is an appreciative award which is aimed at appreciating and encouraging not only well known Gospel artistes but also the unknown for their good works in the society, spreading the gospel through music and dedicating their lives to Christ.

Praisetek Gospel Music Awards 2017 took place on the 7th of October was full of energy, friendly vibes and an amazing performance from the likes of Triple O, Andrew Bello and more.

There were various categories covered which included Alternative rock, Choir, Opera, Rap, Reggae, Soul and music production to name a few.

PGM Awards #FMGUK & Anon scoop wins
Anon & friends at the PGM Awards

This also meant that there were Christian Artists from a very diverse background. The atmosphere was very welcoming with decent food.

Also present was what you would expect from award shows such as red carpet, photography, and interviews with the winning nominees.

Winners from #FMGUK:

InderPaul Sandhu (Gospel Rap Category)
Feed’em x 2 Awards (Gospel Rap & Promotion and Management for Feed’Em Music Group)
Unique Creation (Gospel Rap Category)

Sabrina Hilaire, another member of FMGUK won an award the previous year.

Essex Rapper Anon took away the Rap Catergory.

Find out more about the PGM Awards here.

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