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POGIS which stands for Power Of God Is Supreme is the English meaning of Ikechukwuka. The first name of this 24 year old rapper, born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

A laid back flow artist who not only graces the mic, but also photography too. A multi-talented artist.

By the age of 12, he started writing and got a nick name “Mc iyke”. So through out secondary school this name stuck.

Pogis struggled with academics but was blessed to still come to London in 2014 for university although he had been visiting as a kid, this time he was coming to stay and living alone for the first time.

This was hard for him and things went extremely bad in the first year, rolling with the wrong crowd, it ended with him being arrested and then investigated by police for something he didn’t do.

That experience pushed him to get more understanding about Christianity even though he grew up in a Christian home. He saw it was a lifestyle and that included the music he listened to.

Christian rap was something he’d never heard of. He was scared he might have to give up hip hop until he asked God to reveal rappers who were Christians.

God showed him Lecrae and the 116 crew, from there he discovered so many dope gospel rappers and the purpose for the gift became clear.

He released his first single, “Faith in the Fire” now has his debut EP, “Learning” out.

POGIS says regarding his new EP release:

Grateful for all the people who have listened so far, thank you.


The 5 track EP ‘Learning’ comprises of different tracks and feeling.

Youthful Mistakes – A song talking about how Mistakes can shape the rest of your life, it could be positive or negative depending on how you want to move forward and I am talking about my own mistakes and how God is helping me see that positive side and learning from the mistakes.

Save the Life – This is classic hip hop vibe, it talks about saving a life from darkness and how only God can do so. We see how evil the world can get and people get sucked in and need saving!


This is no time for fear/ No more when I grow up yeah the time is here../


The Gift – Gift in terms of this ability to rap has been given to me and I lament on how I have not been using it but I see what music can do and hope to do the same.


Learning – A song where I talk about my fears of facing the world and how certain thoughts and bad choices kept me in turmoil about life but I know the Losses I take can also be lessons which help me learn to be better tomorrow

Jahleel’s Message – A message from a friend which encouraged me to keep going in the faith and know that God who brought me out of where I used to be is continually doing this and helping me learn.




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