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Cerose is amongst many things; a music artist, radio DJ, book author, an eschatologist and apologist.

Musically, he’s been working hard and has released a couple of singles lately. His creativity shows in how diverse the songs have been. Hallelujah on which he features Means (who at the time of writing may no longer be a part of Hope Dealers) is one of such projects.

In his usual fashion, Cerose tackles doctrinal questions, making a defence for the truth which is found in scriptures. Although he doesn’t necessarily go into details explaining the truth; he highlights them. This can serve as a great opener for discussion on bible truths.

A couple of the things he points out are the errors in Catholicism.

‘Only God forgives, I don’t pray to Mary’

He goes straight to the point, not dawdling around and while some may want to argue that his stance shows his lacking of understanding of Catholicism, I think not because of his background as an apologist.

The second coming of the Lord is one other thing he emphasizes on. This is one truth that believers may not hold in the forefront of their minds. He reminds pastors to preach the Rhema word and believers that the Groom is coming and that although it may seem like he’s taking long, we’ll see his face soon.

Means’ verse brings the drill into this piece of work while he emphasizes biblical truths as well.

Some people may think that drill, rap has no place in the church as they cannot be gospel in any way. However, this single is proof that that isn’t true. The lyrics of Cerose’s Hallelujah has much depth, edification and a prompting for Christian conversations.

Baruch Hashem, blessed be the name.


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