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Kingdom Culture caught up with Feed Em the Christian Music artist from London who is on the edge of his hotly anticipated music video ‘God gets all the glory’ of his 2015 mixtape ‘You Can Know The Half’#GGATG. We popped some questions to him, in this ‘behind the scenes chat’ to Feed Em.

Interview with Feed Em

When did you name yourself Feed Em and why?

I named myself Feed’Em I think towards the end of 2012, it just seemed fitting to my calling which is to serve others and reach out. God showed me how important it was to feed the spirit man, also our minds. So He inspired me to feed others with his Word

When was your first interaction with music?

Jheez music, back in Congo mate, as a little boy I used to dance like crazy, man used to get p’s at parties and that. Then church got me at a young age, singing in the choir. Came to the UK and just fell in love with Grime init

How long have you been writing lyrics for?

I started writing from about 15 years old, you know how it goes school playground clashes and diss tracks all the way. But yeah I was part of a Grime crew and we used to make a lot of noise in school and locally, that’s where I drafted my writing skills and that

Can you tell us of your first encounter with Jesus?

My first encounter with Jesus was as a boy, we wasn’t banging out church on the regs like that but when I the family received a prophecy that I was spiritually infected with witchcraft, yeah boy that was my membership sealed (laughs) I remember being dragged to church for the first time all I can remember was fire, and a lively environment. But yeah, then my own real and personal encounter I was 20 years old in my bedroom, bunning and drinking my pains away, was mad fearful but I knew I needed to pray and as I finally got over my fears and started praying and Christ revealed himself to me, it was that rushing wind, being led by the spirit and allowing the complete restoration to take place

You’ve started a Music Group, could you tell us a bit about it?

FMG! that’s the team man, yeah I’ve been drafting for a while open mics, hosting events, radio and just doing my thing, my heart always desires service and seeing brothers and sisters running their race just inspires me, the music group is a movement for me, this calling is bigger than me, in fact we are all on the mission to feed’em so connecting with brothers and sisters that are about that helps a lot. So FMG does bookings, events, promotions, radio and so much more territory we are looking to cover, just taking the word out there man

Do you believe music and business are just as important as each other, and why?

Yeah, absolutely (laughs) music is business to an extent, as to even consume music today it requires some form of presentation or format, I mean even buskers will need some sort of budgeting structure to buy instruments or travel expenses. So yeah definitely hand in hand, I mean I’m not just a musician, I also manage bookings, love marketing and concept developments it becomes second nature in this DIY music industry. There some artists on my team that be like, please T, I don’t want to deal with none of them business tings there, just put me in the studio let me create, then I have artists that will be calling me mad times at night and we discussing strategy, marketing plans, sells, so I encourage musicians to have a basic understanding at least of the business

Your new release, what inspired you to write it?

Jheez God get’s all the glory! Fam for this piece work I just give God the glory, pun intended and all of that, so it’s off my debut mixtape You Can Know The Half, which came out late 2015, by the grace of God somebody heard me doing this track live during my little independent tour for the mixtape, and the person, got me in the studio, re-mastered, and shot the video and now we here, this is so fitting because God told me he wasn’t done with You Can Know The Half, as far as the story is concerned anyways so I just want to fulfil his will before we move forward. So yeah long one but to go back to the question, the song was inspired by God, just me saying wow your awesome fam! I went through all of this and you kept me and also encourage others to give God the glory despite their life stories.

Do you ever get ‘writers’ block? If so what do you do when it happens?

(laughs) I’m currently in that mode, but it’s specifically for a track rather than a season or however long, as two other people hit me up with callobo this month and I wrote it on the same day, so how I dealt with the current block I just said Dad look I’m not even gonna try to get too creative I’m just going to be honest how I feel right now and flow. But normally if its too much I try hard and then just add that young one more bar then bun it for a minute and try again another time (laughs)

What’s the hottest Christian Rap track you’ve heard so far and would recommend?

Ahh fam, I suck at these questions, but not a lot would know about this Mike Real – Beautiful Suicide, now I want to create a playlist hmmm

Why did you become a Christian?

I became a Christian around 1 am on 11th January 2012, specific because it was exactly 1 year since my mum had passed away, and one year after that night I encountered Jesus for myself. I believe I was suppose to die that night, as I felt my heart shrinking and the devil had it in his hands but as I begun to pray, confessing my sins, casting out devils Jesus came through and saved me, that night was crazy man but praise Jesus for victory

Do Christian Rap artists have a responsibility to make Jesus relevant to today’s listeners?

As much I’m gonna say yes, I also want to stress the value of the Word, there’s only so much we can do before it starts looking stupid, you get me, the world will keep on keeping on, if making Jesus relevant no longer looks Biblical don’t call me. So, yes it’s our responsibility as leaders and missionaries to make Jesus relevant, and to do that it requires understanding, conversations, and ground floor works, none of this preaching from a safe yard init

What is music in the pipeline from Feed Em?

It’s life bro, I love it, there was a time where my love for music was competing with God and I decided to drop music as a sacrifice, God gave it back to me and ever since I know this to be confirmation

What’s your favourite film?

Purely because I quoted it recently Taken, but don’t quote me on that I will say something else next time, because I’m not about this favouritism, unless of course… we talking food and football init

Feed Em’s Video + Release landing here on Kingdom Culture Thursday 4th May. #UKCR

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