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Despite being a UK based artist Kapes’ 8 track project Gospel of a Sinner (According to Kapes) has surprisingly streetwise stateside vibes.

The opener; Story to Tell, will introduce you to Kapes in a jazz inspired, intense lyrical testimony.

Can’t Take has money and power as its central theme and is more structured than the previous, spoken word styled track. The chorus is memorable and the bridge is the most hard hitting element of the track going quite deep in the themes.

In Gospel of a Sinner, you will be inspired and get a true sense of how God can work in an individual’s life. The lyrics have a touch of Kanye West’s College Dropout track Jesus Walks with religious themes and imagery shining through. This is by far the most powerful and poignant track of the whole project.

Believer features female vocalist Adante and will have you nodding your head from the opening line. Her voice is nice and adds a soulful vibe in the chorus. It’s quite the statement track which had me hyped up at times. Definitely one to get into if you want to jam.

One life to Live has a sick drum beat. However, I noticed a slight, unnecessary pause between the first and second lines of the chorus which made it sound off beat. The featuring singer’s voice was breathy and weak to the extent I struggled to understand what she was saying.

The saxophone in the second verse of track 6; Take Refuge is a really nice touch adding to the heavily American twist the whole project carries. There is a really good use of instrumentals and Kapes displays a less harsh delivery in his rap, making it seem like it is a prayer which makes for a pleasant change and fitting to the E.P’s development.

Penultimate track Real Life is another easy listener but the organ past of the backing track was slightly annoying. This track had an insightful, deep message that is aimed at young and new Christians or those more seasoned believers that need to wake up and have a reality check concerning the struggles we go through in the faith today.

I concluded that this track intends to make the listener realise that (in the words of Stacey Orrico); “there’s got to be more to life” and Kapes explains what this more is and how to discover it. Excellent job!

The final track Choices is a suitable ending. It is positive, hopeful and authentic. This is the track I’d most like to see live on stage in front of a receptive audience.

Artwork for the Gospel of a Sinner Album.


By the end I was tired of Kapes rap style and the lack of diversity in the album. However, I appreciate that, like Inderpaul Sandhu; the style and harshness is part of their identity and approach to the UKCR game. Though one may need an acquired taste to get through this whole album in one go.

Track 5 felt rushed and unfinished  which is a shame as the standard of the others are pretty  good. The tracks produced by Cvinve are definitely outstanding to the others.  However, the fact you are taken on a heartfelt spiritual journey of , honesty and reverence makes this something really special. It remains true to the title.

Expect a story, a journey and discover God on a level that really demonstrates what Ministry through music really should be.

Rachel’s Rating: 4/5


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