REVIEW : Melvillous’ Local EP : A marvellous job well done!

REVIEW : Melvillous’ Local EP : A marvellous job well done!

REVIEW : Melvillous’ Local EP : A marvellous job well done!


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REVIEW : Melvillous’ Local EP : A marvellous job well done!

A genuine sense of sadness hit me after I finished listening to this EP as I really enjoyed listening to it.

The 6 track EP entitled “Local” is mostly about the life the artist experienced before he became a Christian compared to the way things are in the present day. In the words of Jahaziel; it’s clear “God’s done blessed his (Mevillious’s) skill” because the amount of thought, effort, detail and rhetoric that has gone into essentially every track is formidable!

Packed with punchy one liners that will have you impressed at the writing skill, my only real criticism is that nearly every track sounds similar in tone and vibe – which could be considered boring if variety from an EP is your thing. “Bonus” Track 6 – Manor is  a rep your ends style and could also be considered repetitive in general content and lyrics.

However the style and tone of the EP makes sense when you consider the intention of the overall project and the connotations of the EP title Local. I assume that the lack of variety proves that this EP is just a glimpse of what the artist has to offer.

To breakdown the tracks – I believe there was a perfect mix of secular (therefore modern/relevant) vibes and Christian themes, messages and testimony for the EP to do well as an outreach project for those in and around the area Mevillious is representing and clearly has a heart for.

An example of this is in Good Over Here – a firm fave of mine in which the lyrics include:

“No beef I don’t need a vest on – man walk with holy protection”


“It’s funny how a man turn Godly when he end up in a whole heap of mess”

These powerful lines essentially state that God has transformed his mind and life to the extent he doesn’t need to get caught up in that street life which once was everything he knew!

In Ark, I felt a there was a strong sense of the Noah’s ark story due to the combined personal content shared by Mevillious with what Noah actually may have felt during his situation in the bible story. The use of sound effect create the pathetic fallacy for the darker undertones of the track as the main themes are about the insecurities, doubts and struggles we all encounter as Christians.

Mother’s Cry takes a step away from Rap by taking the form of a spoken word, monologue piece. Providing a break from the other tracks on the EP, it is emotional, raw and very very real. Art on an MP3 file is the best way I’d describe it. Won’t say much else to give it away but be prepared for chills.

Pray and Pattern is an example of the saying “it’s not how you start but how you finish that matters.” It was slow to start and I almost wrote it off, but the track is jam packed with some outstanding lyrical stunners, I honestly found myself bussing out a couple moves as the track went on and it was amusing how the title was juxtaposed towards the end making for an enjoyable and fulfilling conclusion. It flows very well and the backing vocals suited it well. Of all but Mothers Cry – I could imagine this being performed onstage and having a blast being part of the audience!

The opening minute and 20 seconds of Trap or Lie had me flabbergasted and it forced me to admire the artist purely for his honesty. As someone who isn’t really aware of the lifestyle presented in this track, it was an eye opener.

Mevillious has the potential to break the mould of his intended audience if he wanted to because there is an openness about his delivery and content that would be approachable to all. Good use of rhetoric used.

Rachel’s Rating:

Melvillous’ new EP “Local” is out now across all digital stores. Get a copy today.

REVIEW : Melvillous' Local EP : A marvellous job well done!

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