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Roman4Christ’s track Therapy on Free Download is a really hard-hitting and current. Jeremy shares a real hard testimony and encouraging drive to keep pushing through towards Jesus. A flow that allows the listener to just listen to every word that strikes a chord with anyone.

Listen to Therapy below.

“Don’t tell me there’s no God, cause I meet Him and it feels great.” – Our LIKE Lyric

Born Jeremy Roman, he’s now Roman4Christ (literally). Rapping and singing since the age of 9, he fell in love with Hip hop after his father wrote his first rhyme, and he hasn’t put the pen down ever since. On December 23, 2011 After believing there was no way out, Jeremy Roman reached the verge of death due to overdose. It was then that He Cried out to the God of his youth, and had a Spiritual encounter with Jesus. Since then he has whole heartedly devoted his life to Christ in ministry.

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