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Cerose – Truth and Kulture

Cerose – Truth and Kulture


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Rapper Cerose swaps the Rap for Reggae infused rhythms, blending his overt cultural references with his faith as a Christian. Cerose comes across as a ‘Marmite’ type rapper, you either love or hate his directness. He speaks directly regardless, rarely taking the indirect and passive route.

So why reggae?

He has expressed a desire to reach the Jamaican community where he hails from himself, with the message of the the gospel. I guess in order for that to happen he need to drop the Hip Hop beats and blend in with something more relaxed and tunefully relatable.

With the evidence of auto-tune and other supportive elements, I think he delivers something persuasively good. With room for improvement I think this adds a different capacity to the veteran rapper. We saw him play with this reggae infused verse style on Jesus My Saviour off ‘The Cross vs The Switchblade’, it seems he decided to explore more, and justifiably done well.


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