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PGM Awards #FMGUK & Anon scoop wins

PGM Awards #FMGUK & Anon scoop wins

PGM Awards #FMGUK & Anon scoop wins
FeedEm Music Group at the PGM Awards

Praisetek Gospel Music Awards (PGMA) is an appreciative award which is aimed at appreciating and encouraging not only well known Gospel artistes but also the unknown for their good works in the society, spreading the gospel through music and dedicating their lives to Christ.


Unique Creations drops Dark Seasons EP on
Dark Seasons EP

As Christians, we’re all susceptible to dark seasons. Unique Creation’s EP (of the same name) takes the listener on a journey – from the hard hitting, authentic opening track Life or Death – which explores the choice everybody eventually has to make (i.e. Life with Christ or eternal death…) to the final couple of tracks which open up and provide somewhat of a testimony about the struggles the artist goes through.  Life or Death will get you pumped, excited and strike a nerve… If you’re saved it’ll re-ignite your faith and passion for the Lord. If not; it’ll open your eyes. The abrupt ending to this track works.

Unique Creation drops ‘Dark Season’ EP on Birthday

Unique Creation drops ‘Dark Season’ EP on his Birthday 21st May, which creates a nice spin around this EP release. UK Christian Rapper “Unique Creation” brings us a tantalising EP about the struggles in his life and how God has helped him through them. Like a fly on the wall look into his life. An exciting project that we sure are playing around the office here at KCMix. Our tag favorite at the moment is “Fashionista“, the track has got a rhythm, you know is unique (no pun intended).