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If you want to grow the music, you collaborate. The pie is big enough for everybody, and the pie can get bigger so that everyone can be part of it.

It’s about collaboration, some people still want to hold on to what they have when it’s about collaboration.

Ivor Etienne tells us;

If you think “no I don’t want to work with that person over there… I want to keep this… my two hours is what my two hours is” and then the 2 hours become really important. It becomes really important until somebody thinks you’re unimportant to do the two hours of work, then they would find somebody else.

So make sure you collaborate so that you can grow. Gospel media has got to be out there, it must take a lead. We’ll sit back and wait for something to happen when we could be a little bit more proactive. Find similarities and make that work.

You can be proactive in promoting artists, events and various other things in their different forms of music. If you are going to just sit back and wait for something to come along, and then chip in, then it’s never going to grow. The fact is more breeds more, more venture produces more opportunity.

Ivor states;

“People are going to think “Well, it’s Christianly…”  I’ve heard so much about Christian, UK Christian music, you know it’s always getting compared to its American counterparts.”

There should be no comparison! It’s unique in itself, and if you start comparing you will lose out. American Gospel is born from different struggles; it’s born from different situations. UK Gospel or UK Christian music is again different.

So let us show the best of what we have in the UK because it is good. We should be doing more of that, rather than trying to fill that with ‘not as good as this person here’, so collaborate more, work together more.

Whether it’s a radio station or whether it’s all Christian hip-hop or whatever, collaborate more and that is how this thing will grow.



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