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TNEEK “Level Up” Video + EP Talk


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TNEEK Quotes herself as the “LDN Femcee“, and she smashes the social stereotypes of a black female completely with this profound track “Level Up”. She draws a comparison to her past struggles with anger and how she would react, in contrast, to how she now does with God giving her spirit the strength.

Our LIKE Lyric ” They don’t understand how I turn the other cheek, but it’s possible because He stays strong when I’m weak.”

Watch the “Level Up” Video below:

This journey reignited the fire within TNEEK to get creative again but with a new vision: to be an ‘out of the box truth-teller’. She began to think of herself as more than a rapper, but instead – a budding role model.

She posted on Instagram that she is currently working on her new EP:

“Time to uplift a generation…. #TNEEKRICHEP #summer2017”

…is it called TNEEK Rich EP? We wonder. This has got the Kingdom Culture and UK Christian Rap Scene bubbling. Level Up is the first video release from TNEEK’s forthcoming EP.

Hear the “Level Up Bootleg” Remix By Marcus Johnson

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