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Tneek – R.I.C.H EP Review

The best way to describe this album is ‘anointing covered rave-style music’. Initially I was caught off guard because the style of music used isn’t usually found in music under the Christian genre. However it’s exceedingly refreshing to see a female Christian rapper create a niche style for herself – making her music stand out from the (still) somewhat male dominated genre.

The intro track is somewhat of a mission statement. Although self righteous in parts it ultimately gives reverence and acknowledgement to God.

With all but one song featuring a heavy backing track and rap style – it’s quite clear Tneek knows exactly what she’s doing.

In Level Up, we get a testimony and insight as to how the artists character transformed since becoming a Christian. I personally could relate as I have a bit of a temper myself and it’s an admirable track for that. With a harmonic vibe about it the track included some nice effects which make it sound professional.

Tneek displays her skills in Let it Go. With lyrics such as

“Had to let go of the baggage and flee”

It is an instant fave. The vocals from the featuring singer adds texture and a touch of femininity to it – balancing out Tneek’s rap style and voice. Again, it has a lot of relatable, honest content.

TNEEK Level Up video on KCMix #TNEEKRICHEP

For the Money is the track that most suits the album title. Probably has the most powerful/hard hitting message that is most likely to reach out and bridge the gap to … those that need to hear it. It’s current, relevant and one you will definitely dance to, well produced and written. The vocals from the featuring artist is also good and I especially enjoyed the reference to Biggie at the end.

The “softer” track I referred to at the beginning of the review is Broken Girl – featuring well known UK singer in the UK circuit Fiona Yorke. She delivers beautifully to her high standard in the chorus and harmonies while Tneek turns down the tone for this delicate, personal track. Because it is such a nice piece –Broken Girl may have worked as a two part interlude to break up the rest of the EP.

Personal thoughts aside the instrumentals are stunning and the whole track has a choral vibe about it that makes you want to hear more of this side of Tneek. However – her boisterous approach to rap and feisty personality wouldn’t really suit her or the impact/image/example she wants to create for {aspiring} female rappers.

Flesh could be deemed the “love song” of the tracks – but with a twist. Instead of focusing on the lovey dovey romantic aspects that you’d find in most UK Rap and Gospel albums – Tneek alongside fellow UK Christian rapper A Star go deep and talks about the danger of temptation and the potential consequences of lust. Opting for the storytelling format – the song delves quite deep while making a decent head banger at the same time. This is another personal fave and of all the collaborations probably the best structurally.

Tneek - R.I.C.H EP Review

The final tracks; Make Me Over and No Stress, No Drama are centered around what I assume is the artists heritage and have a Caribbean flair. They add diversity in the EP and makes for a delightful, lighthearted end of the overall project. Although at some times, I felt as though I was listening to standard rave music – the lyrical content and message showed reverence and was respectful. For some it may be difficult to differentiate the two. However ; the flavourful, get up and go, good positive vibes from the backing track and featuring artists are perfectly matched with the intended genre and mission.

All in all – it was a pleasure listening to Tneek’s EP. I am excited to see what she does next and will definitely be adding these tracks to my own personal music playlist. One for guys and girls alike,

I do hope other young aspiring female rappers will see this effort and give it a go themselves! The production was really good. Unless you have an awareness or have been in that world – there may be some colloquisims and terms/phrases you might not understand.

However, it’s an approachable EP that can connect to all kinds of people.

Review by Rachel

Listen to R.I.C.H EP below // Purchase your copy here.

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