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Mixtape Submission

After the success of Kingdom Culture Mixtape Vol 1. & Vol 2 comes a new mixtape to keep all the hard work and delicate work that each of you has put into making music over the many years. The message is still relevant, many hearts and ears haven’t heard it, and you know it still bangs!

Kingdom Culture wants to use your music to go further than ever before. Progression and moving forward is always the mission, but we can’t leave our music to the archives of SoundCloud only, where there is no algorithm to help keep it alive to new ears.

Our mixtapes are downloaded by people all over the world, given out at concerts and promoted via our emails and networks. “But that’s an old track” I hear you say. Old does not mean bad, it means seasoned, tempered and tried but the test of time.

The Sound Cloud Mixtape

What’s the mixtape About

The Sound Cloud Mixtape is aimed at archived Sound Cloud tracks that has the Christian message in it, designed for the ‘Christian Urban Sound’, primarily Christian Rap. The name is a play on the audio network’s name but primarily on the call on each Christian Music artist to make ‘Sound’ (based on valid reason or good judgement) to a world that is like a Cloud (make or become less clear or transparent) in its walk and living.

Your music’s journey still has much to do, sign up today and let it take wings to new places and heights.

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