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US Rapper Daniel AMP releases “Light It Up”


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US Rapper Daniel AMP releases "Light It Up"

The state side vibes are apparent from the start. The heavy back track will have you nodding your head right until the end. It’s very on trend with secular songs you hear today and the American references and rhymes are a joy – adding a sense of wit and charm to the track. Longer than your average single at nearly 5 minutes the song is jam packed with a memorable chorus you can expect to singing along to after the first listen! The Christian intent and message is loud and clear.

The production is exceptional and use of SFX  is well incorporated and juxtaposed. The input from Steven Malcolm and Loso (one of whom sounds like Lil Wayne!) add variety to the track with their differing approaches to rap. It’ll initially have you dancing and as you focus on the lyrics, you’ll be inspired and filled with positivity.

Confident, cool and perfect for summer, this single is fun, “fire” and is everything I hope and expect US rap to be!

Rachel’s Rating 5/5!!!


Rachel St John 27 year old Rachel St John has been a born again Christian for eight years. She has written for Keep The Faith Magazine, A Younger Theatre and her local newspaper since graduating from Kingston University in 2012. She is also focused on her own, personal projects including several plays, a blog, a novel and a complete movie script - all of which give glory to God and spread a positive Christian message.
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