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Watch: Happi – Southside (Music Video)


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Happi – Southside

This track from Christian Artist Happi – Southside is a track I have a lot to say on for many different reasons. Let’s start with the ‘controversial’…

In reality, this isn’t a track that is directly spreading the gospel of Christ in its traditional format so if you’re looking for something to tell you how much Jesus loves you, to give your life to Christ or to surrender to Him this isn’t it (if we take it for face value).

It is infact about a man who has found a woman he (I’m assuming), loves and he thanks God for ‘taking His time with her. For that reason my mind did wonder who this track was being made for, if not to encourage people to come to Christ.

Is it for the women to listen to and yearn after a man who sees her that way?

Or a man to listen to and have something to live up to in terms of how to see a woman?

Once again the old religious mind-set reared its holy head and instantly jumped up to proclaim this isn’t what a ‘man of God’ would produce. But upon instant thought I easily managed to override that to conclude it actually is exactly what a man of God should produce.

The bible says how a man who finds a good wife finds a good thing (Proverbs 18:22), a man must leave his family and cling to his wife (Matthew 19:5), a wife of noble character is her husband’s crown (Proverbs 12:4), for husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5:22) and many more scriptures similar to these, all urging men to really admire a woman and find one who is beautiful in her character.

Now, if men of God don’t make tracks such as these that encourage other men to see their spouse in a way that’s beautiful to them then where will that encouragement come from?

‘The church!!!’ I hear you cry and yes of course that’s true, but when the church doors are physically shut, when they’re home alone and able to listen to music telling them women are just for show, are objects and not people, are to sleep with and not commit to where WILL the encouragement for men to see their spouse in a way that’s beautiful to them come from, again I ask…?

The gap needs to be filled and I believe Happi did it perfectly.


Now on to the less controversial, the track itself is very catchy and easy to jam to. It’s something different to the traditional and has a summer vibe to it and is very well done. I personally played it more than 5 times and it was way past my bed time!

Listen to the track and tell us what you think!

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