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Watch: J Vessel – DREAMS


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Watch: J Vessel – DREAMS

What initially struck me with J Vessel – DREAMS was the video. Upon first watching it I wasn’t sure what the relevance of the homeless lady was. The track itself only mentioned giving to the poor once, so my mind was pondering on how it’d all tie together.

But here comes the most cliché thing to ever say, “God works in mysterious ways”. Well, in this case not so ‘mysterious’ but you get my drift.

The video itself gives hope to those who may be in a place of hopelessness. The lady is seen from being homeless to in the end getting back on her feet after finding herself at a church. Visually it is very encouraging.

As for the song, it seemed like an honest confession of somebody real, which was refreshing to hear. J Vessel says he wants to be successful, something many Christians in today’s society feel like they can’t say out loud as it sounds as though they are glorifying ‘self’.

But in reality, don’t we all want success?

Of course success differs from person to person but it’s something were all are attempting to attain, isn’t it?

He clarifies that he doesn’t want this more than to be God’s child, which shows that the ‘wants’ can walk side by side. Also, the questions/statements scattered through-out such as

“tell me that you’re real”

“tell me that you love me”


“will I still dream about you?”

are again more confessional and makes the listener ask themselves the question rather than being told the answer. This method of self-evaluation is sometimes better than creating mind-sets in others. It’s almost as though J Vessel doesn’t know himself yet, which is very relatable and honest.

It’s not usually the kind of track I’d listen to on repeat but it’s great for the self-evaluation purposes.

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