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From the newsrooms of the BBC, too (ever closing) youth clubs and desperate need for a solution to this ongoing problem of the youth violence. We see and hear about it on the streets we walk, there seems to be a cry too. . .  change.

A change from this situation which many of us have become desensitised to. Melvillous put it well when he made the track ‘Normal’.

The violent atmosphere that young people are exposed to daily.

In no way do I speak for the majority. I speak about what we do see and hear in our newspapers, news apps and conversations. Some more close to home, who’ve lost loved ones, through this knife crime epidemic.



Can we shake this disgusting feeling of hearing a young person found dead in the streets? Gang-raping of innocent girls. A snap thought to the movement and consumption of drugs by and to kids as young as 12.

Many different notions and environments have constituted to our young people being manipulated, deceived and forgotten in this fast-paced world.

There are minimal role models from parents at home to teachers at school!

We can’t shake the feeling but at times we shake the responsibility!

Our streets run red with the blood of our children. Their minds are drugged and easy to manipulate, through the vices of social media and music. Violent malice speaks louder than the voice of forgiveness and peace.


How do we resolve?

There’s no quick fix! No silver bullet!

What we sow is what we reap. Let’s change what we sow in our own way.

I imagine you may be thinking “what can I do?”

I used to think the same, “I don’t know how to appeal to them or relate to them.”

It’s time we took responsibility for them where we can. It takes a village. Whether it’s finding what they like and connecting to them through it. Opening your home to being place some can find hope or setting up a place when they can talk to someone.

It’s time we tear up the red tape and radically love these young adults.

Most of them are looking for identity, purpose and value… Many make wrong turns. You may be the person who is there to help them make the right decision.


We all were young

How do I know, I was once like them ready to “kick-off” or “blow my fuse.”

Fatherlessness was never God’s plan for them, but this is the reality we are in. Let us step in, fill the gap and be an example in a world that has millions of young people looking for one. What better example can we be like, than like Jesus.

Don’t listen to your fears, or converse with your doubts. Be intentional about change.

A 1% effort from each person, amounts to a high effect when it’s all put together.

Where can you put your 1%?



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Charles A Christian who enjoys business, writing, creativity, graphics and occasionally dabbles in making rap music. Avid supporter of the #CHH & #UKCHH. I have a beautiful wife, 2 kids and a family business. Founder of Kingdom Culture.
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